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Seminar with Dan Ariely: "Free Beer and Other Moral Conundrums"

2016-03-1211:30 Jacob Berzelius Auditorium (Adam), Berzelius väg 3Campus SolnaMedical Student’s Association

Can 8 million people who have already seen Dan Ariely’s TED Talks be wrong? - Be rational and FIND OUT by yourself! The Doctoral Student Association (DSA) at Medicinska Föreningen invites everyone at KI; staff, students and doctoral students to this seminar with Dan Ariely.

Dan will discuss how the principles of behavioral economics can help us understand some of our irrational tendencies, specifically the mechanisms at work behind dishonest behavior. One of the most interesting lessons at work is understanding our capacity to think of ourselves as honest even when we act dishonestly.

Event is free but registration is required!

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Light breakfast served from 10:30

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