Lectures and seminars

Meeting: Membrane receptor organization and signal transduction

2017-05-1109:00 to 13:00 Nobel forum, Karolinska Institutet, Solna campusCampus Solna

The meeting, sponsored by Biophysical Society, will focus on biophysical and structural principles that explain receptor organization and signaling cascade activation at the membrane. Program topics will include: molecular mechanisms of signaling, membrane protein-lipid interaction, membrane compartmentalization, and biophysical techniques for studying receptor clustering at the nanoscale. The event is targeted to all researchers (in particular PhD students, postdocs) working with membrane receptors at KI and the other universities in the Stockholm-Uppsala area (Royal Institute of Technology-KTH, Stockholm University, Uppsala University) that want to be exposed to biophysical approaches. The purpose is to provide inspiration, to bring together research groups in membrane biophysics and related research, and to promote scientific collaborations and networking between the groups. 

UPDATE 17-05-03

The event will feature 2 keynote speakers (Ingela Parmryd from Uppsala University, Sofia Johansson from Karolinska Institutet), 5 short talk (Annica Gad, Toon Verheyen, Ian Hoffecker from KI, Stefan Wennmalm from KTH-Scilifelab, Grant Kemp from Stockholm University) and a poster session during coffee break.  You can find the final program in attachment. Participation in the workshop, including coffee break is free of charge. Registration is kindly welcome and can be done directly to: alessandro.bosco@ki.se

Contact person: Alessandro Bosco