Föreläsningar och seminarier

Research seminar Dmitry Shungin

2015-05-1313:00 Westin, Alfred Nobels allé 8, plan 7Campus Flemingsberg

Title: Association between dental and cardiometabolic diseases: what can we learn from new genomic approaches?

The Division of Periodontology invites you to a research seminar by Dmitry Shungin, PhD-student at the Department of Public Health and Clinical Medicine at Umeå University.

Dmitry Shungin holds DDS (2004), MPH (2008) and PhD (2015) degrees and is currently a research fellow at Institute of Odontology, Umeå Universtiy.

His research interest lies in the field of genomics of dental diseases and common soil theory between dental and cardiometabolic disease traits.

Dr. Shungin’s doctoral research was focused on genetics of obesity and periodontitis.

He was a leading junior investigator in a massive international effort in GIANT consortium that identified novel genes associated with obesity in more than 250,000 individuals.  This study also highlighted common molecular underpinnings linking fat distribution with adipose and insulin biology and was published in Nature (February 2015). Another large-scale study from his dissertation focused on dissecting causality in a widely reported observational association between obesity and periodontitis with results indicating that this association is unlikely to be causal.

Currently Dr. Shungin is investigating genetic variants implicated in periodontitis and caries as well as studying causality between dental and cardiometabolic disease traits using genetic data in a large international dental consortium (GLIDE, PI: Ingegerd Johansson) that includes 50,000 individuals from Europe and the US.

During course of his doctoral studies Dr. Shungin has been invited for long-term research visits to world’s leaning centers of excellence including Oxford University, Sanger Institute and Bristol University to master cutting-edge methods in bioinformatics and genetic epidemiology. He has been awarded prestigious young investigator award by European Association for the Study of Diabetes (Study Group on Genetics of Diabetes, EASD-SGGD) as well as young researcher award by American Diabetes Association (ADA). Dmitry has also co-authored 23 articles during his PhD.

Contact person: Heli Vänskä