Konferenser och symposier

Symposium - Recognizing 200 Years of Studies on Parkinson’s disease

2017-04-1112:30 till 18:00 Nobel ForumCampus Solna

This symposium is being held to highlight the fact that it was 200 years ago that the “The Shaking Palsy” was written by James Parkinson. The 11 April is also the annual World Parkinson Day. The symposium will give the state-of-the-art view of Parkinson’s disease. Lectures will cover the causes of the illness, complexity of the diagnosis, its treatment and progress toward approaches to slow disease progression. The conference will be open to doctors, scientists as well as persons with Parkinson’s disease and their relatives.

The Program 

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Organizers: Per Svenningsson, Sara Riggare and Gunnar Höglund, Karolinska institutet

Contact person: Per Svenningsson
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