Föreläsningar och seminarier

Patent seminar

2015-05-1113:00 till 14:00 Novum, RED seminar room, 6th floorCampus Flemingsberg

Patent seminar by Henrik Sterinrud MSc,European Patent Attorney at Innovation Office KI. Held 4 times during 2015


  • February 2nd at 13.00–14.00, Solna campus (Lecture room ”Atrium”, Nobels väg 12B)
  • May 11th at 13.00– 14.00, Huddinge campus (Novum, RED Seminar room, 6th floor)


  • September 8th at 09.30– 10.30, Solna campus
  • November 10th at 09.30–10.30, Huddinge campus

Are you considering patenting your idea or finding? Do you wonder if your scientific findings should be protected with a patent? Then this seminar is for you!

Among topics that will be addressed are:

  • Patent and grant proposals – is there a potential problem here?
  • Prior art – what is it and how will it affect my possibility to patent – and how should I handle it?!
  • Is my idea patentable – what can I patent and what can I not?
  • Inventorship; Can I be considered inventor? What are the criteria and why is it important at all?
  • Who can advice me – is any help available at Karolinska Institutet?

Organized by the Strategic research programs StratNeuro, StratCan, SRP Diabetes Stratregen and Stockholm Brain Institute