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Launch symposium for “The Lancet Psychiatry Commission on psychological treatments research in tomorrow’s science”

2018-03-1609:00 till 12:00 Wallenberg Hall, Nobel Forum, Nobels väg 1, 171 77, Solna, Stockholm, SwedenCampus Solna

This 3-hour symposium is dedicated to the Commission in The Lancet Psychiatry on psychological treatments research in tomorrow’s science by a writing team comprising: 

Emily A Holmes (Karolinska Institutet), Ata Ghaderi (Karolinska Institutet), Catherine J Harmer (Oxford University), Paul G Ramchandani (Imperial College London), Pim Cuijpers (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), Anthony P Morrison (University of Manchester), Jonathan P Roiser (University College London), Claudi L H Bockting (University of Amsterdam), Rory C O’Connor (University of Glasgow), Roz Shafran (University College London), Michelle L Moulds (University of New South Wales), and Michelle G Craske (University of California)1

In the symposium, representatives from the group of authors will present and discuss the review, as well as invite the audience to exchange ideas and ask questions.  The session will be chaired by Dr Niall Boyce from The Lancet Psychiatry.

“Psychological treatments occupy an important place in evidence-based mental health treatments. Now is an exciting time to fuel treatment research: a pressing demand for improvements is poised alongside new opportunities from closer links with sister scientific and clinical disciplines. The need to improve mental health treatment is great; even the best treatments do not work for everyone, treatments have not been developed for many mental disorders, and the implementation of treatments needs to address worldwide scalability. Psychological treatments have yet to benefit from numerous innovations that have occurred in science, particularly those that have emerged in the past 20 years, and arguably vice versa. This Commission comprises ten parts that each outline an area in which we see substantial opportunity and scope for advancements that will move psychological treatments research forward.” 

1Holmes, E. A., Ghaderi, A., Harmer, C., Ramchandani, P. G., Cuijpers, P., Morrison, A. P., Roiser, J. P., Bockting, C. L. H., O’Connor, R. C., Shafran, R., Moulds, M.L., & Craske, M. G. (2018). Psychological Treatments Research in Tomorrow's Science: Seeing Further. Lancet Psychiatry. 

Please notify your attandance here to ensure your spot as seats are limited to 90 places!

Contact person: Marie Kanstrup