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Forskningsseminarium - Logopedi

2019-01-2316:00 till 17:30 Bjuggrenrummet, HuddingeKarolinska Universitetssjukhuset, HuddingeCLINTEC - Enheten för logopedi

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Datum, tid Onsdagen den 23 januari, kl. 16:00-17:30
Lokal Bjuggrenrummet, Huddinge
Påläsare Per Östberg Kappa mfl.
Doktorand Liv Thalén
Titel Medical decision-making capacity among geriatric patients with and without dementia – communication based approaches for assessment and facilitation

Aims of the thesis
The overall intention of this thesis is to explore pre-defined aspects of medical decision-making processes and participation among geriatric patients with communication as the line of argument. A theoretical framework including definitions and mutual relations between communication, medical decision-making capacity, patient participation and health literacy is presented together with the population in focus: geriatric patients with and without dementia. The introduction is followed by methodological considerations and integrated results based on the included papers I-IV together. The first two studies each concern a method to facilitate communication and medical decision-making capacity: Talking mats in Paper I, and Adapted vignettes in Paper II. With Paper III, focus changes to a new test to detect impaired medical decision-making capacity. The discussion focuses on conclusions that can be drawn from the studies combined, ending with a synthesis comprising theories with results.

The main aim for each study included is:

  • Compare participants’ experiences of communication in discharge meetings as depending on if geriatric patients with cognitive impairment are prepared using Talking mats or not (Paper I)
  • Use adapted vignettes to investigate any improvement in medical decision-making capacity among patients with Alzheimer’s disease (Paper II)
  • Develop and validate a written, vignette based test to detect impaired medical decision-making capacity among patients with Alzheimer’s disease and mild cognitive impairment  (Paper III)
  • Investigate the prevalence of impaired medical decision-making capacity among inward, geriatric, patients without dementia or acute confusion (Paper IV)


Anita McAlister                                                            Anette Lohmander
Docent                                                                          Enhetschef
Leg. Logoped                                                               Professor


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