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Forskarstuderande - kirurgi

Registrerade doktorander

Apostolos Analatos

Kirurgisk rekonstruktion av funktionella och anatomiska defekter i hiatus diafragmatica

Zeeshan Ateeb

Improvement of the diagnosis and management of cystic tumors of the pancreas

Per-Olof Berggren

Evaluation and implementation of teleguidance in advanced upper gastrointestinal endoscopy

My Blohm

Treatment of cholelithiasis and acute cholecystitis

Melroy Alistair D´souza

Hepatisk ischemi-reperfusionsskada.

Peter Elbe

Metaplastiska och dysplastiska förändringar I esophagus: Hur kan vi förebygga återkomst efter endoskopisk ablationsbehandling?

Jessica Ericson

Pre- och postoperativa effekter för patienter med esofaguscaner avseende dysfagiutveckling, nutrition och fysisk återhämtning/Pre- and postoperative effects for patients suffering from oesophageal cancer regarding dysphagia, nutrition and physical rehabil

Asif Halimi

Innovation in pancreatology

Erik Haraldsson

The Papilla of Vater, Issues relevant to transpapillary cannulation and clinical management.

Katarina Hellberg

Kostnadsanalys och resursförbrukning vid behandling av kolorektal cancer.

Marcus Holmberg

Molecular profiling of pancreatic ductal adenocarninoma

Hannes Jansson

Immunological aspects on prognosis in cholangiocellular cancer – clinical and experimental studies

Jeanna Joneberg

Studies on bile leakage after hepatic resection

Magnus Konradsson

Gastric outlet obstruction after esophagectomy: Epidemiology , diagnosis and treatment

Maximilian Kordes

Functional and structural features of extracellular vesicles in pancreatic adnenocarcinoma and implications for cell-cell interaction

Chih-Han Kung

Outcome of gastric cancer surgery in Sweden

Xuan Li

The role of the pro-fibrotic transforming growth factor-β (TGF-β) and its major negative regulator Smad7 during chronic pancreatitis

Xingrong Liu

Pancreatic cancer/stromal cell crosstalk investigated in heterospecies heterospheroid cultura

Jeanne Lubbe

Aspects on advanced procedure during endoscopic retrograd cholangiopancreatography for complex hepatobiliary disorders

Linnéa Malgerud

Personalised pancreatic cancer: Individualized, evidence based treatment

Ann Morgell

Preemptive pancreatic surgery

Klara Nilsson

Aspects of the timing of surgical resection after neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy in treatment of esophageal cancer

Bengt Novik

Ninos Oussi

Is it all about the money? The effects of low and high cost simulator training scenarios in surgical training.

Saga Persson

Application of esophageal stents in benign and malignant conditions

Agnieszka Popowicz

Percutaneus drainage or surgery in patients with acute cholecystitis.

Elena Rangelova

Prevalens och mekanismer för malabsorption hos patienter med pankreascancer.

Marcus Reuterwall Hansson

Endoscopic Diagnosis, Staging and Surveillance of Neoplasms in the Bile Ducts, Liver and Pancreas

Hanna Ribbing Wilén

Kirurgi vid inflammatorisk tarmsjukdom: Crohns sjukdom, klinik, utfall, komplikationer och genetiska aspekter

Johanna Samola Winnberg

Hereditary ventricular cancer

Srinivas Sanjeevi

Advances in the surgical management of pancreatic cancer

Richard Shore


Johan Thor

Aspects of glucose metabolism in acute surgical and orthopedic patients

Andrianos Tsekrekos

Combined modality treatment of advanced gastric cancer: aspects on standardization of the assessment of tumour regression grade and the role of miminally invasive surgery.

Alexander Waldthaler

Advanced imaging in ERCP

Linn Christina Westin

Inguinal hernia - optimizing surgical treatment.