Healthcare Leadership

We are pleased to announce the Healthcare Executive and Leadership Programme 2018. The programme consists of three two-day courses.

These three courses give senior healthcare leaders the knowledge and skills to plan and carry through changes and manage services and systems in the political Swedish healthcare environment of the next five years.

Programme content

26-27 April 2018 – Course 1: Using lessons from overseas to build evidence-based Swedish healthcare

Other health systems are introducing a variety of changes to make it possible to provide affordable healthcare that meets patients’ needs and expectations over the next five years. This course gives participants an understanding of these changes and reforms and of their applicability to Swedish healthcare. They will be able to apply changes made in other health systems that can save money, improve quality and solve current problems, if suitably adapted to the local Swedish situation

Application deadline: 2018-03-26

30-31 August 2018 – Course 2: Pay for performance and value based healthcare: evidence and implications for your services

Sweden has experimented with changes to the way some services are paid so as to link payments to performance in the future. One result of this experiment is a system for leaders to compare the performance of their services to others. This meeting enables you to learn from the experiments and the evidence from research elsewhere into similar changes. Research shows that some funding schemes and performance information systems are not effective, or may not translate well to Sweden. This course gives leaders the knowledge they will need to prepare for and influence the changes.

Application deadline: 2018-06-15

22-23 November 2018 – Course 3: Patient centered care and co-care: evidence and practical steps with limited resources

Swedish policies require Swedish healthcare to be PCC (person-centered care), but clinicians and managers are often unclear how to achieve this in their services, especially within budget and staffing limits. This course provides evidence of which changes can save time and money as well as make services more PCC. It considers how digital data and technologies now make possible more patient centered care at lower costs. It gives real examples of how to carry out the changes needed in different service situations.

Application deadline: 2018-10-21

Each course include

• Preparation and pre-reading, using seleceted course materials

• 25-minute condensed summaries of key lessons for Sweden from research and international experience with details in handouts

• Each summary is followed by a 25-minute group exercise with colleauges to assess implementation in Sweden and to use the tools provided

• Interactive questions and discussion with course leaders and your colleagues taking part in the course, who are leading other Swedish heath systems and clinical services 

• Guidance for how to use the selected resources and references to keep up to date with relevant developments in Sweden and overseas

Target group

This programme is suitable for senior Swedish healthcare managers and leaders responsible for service delivery or policy at national, county, hospital and outside of hospital services. 

Benefits of the programme

• Show the evidence for the need for change and the evidence for and against the changes planned or in progress locally.

• Use tools and guidance to choose, plan and implement changes that are likely to be successful locally for improving the performance of healthcare.

• Know where to go and whom to contact to learn about details that are not published and to keep up to date with the most relevant research.


12 900 SEK (excluding VAT) / course.
You can take one course on its own, or take all three for 10% reduction.
Please note that the discount is only vaild if you sign up for all three courses at once!


Please use the online application form to register for the Healthcare Executive and Leadership Programme 2018.
Online application can be found here
If you have any questions regarding the application, please contact Ingela Näsström,