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Stefan Gantelius



Activity in the brain network for dynamic manipulation of unstable objects is robust to acute tactile nerve block: An fMRI study
Pavlova E, Hedberg Å, Ponten E, Gantelius S, Valero-cuevas Fj, Forssberg H
Brain research 2015;1620():98-106

Higher expression of myosin heavy chain IIx in wrist flexors in cerebral palsy
Gantelius S, Hedström Y, Pontén E
Clinical orthopaedics and related research 2012;470(5):1272-7

Intraoperative muscle measurements reveal a relationship between contracture formation and muscle remodeling
Ponten E, Gantelius S, Lieber Rl
MUSCLE & NERVE 2007;36(1):47-54