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Applying openEHR's Guideline Definition Language to the SITS international stroke treatment registry: a European retrospective observational study
Anani N, Mazya Mv, Chen R, Prazeres Moreira T, Bill O, Ahmed N, et al
BMC medical informatics and decision making 2017;17(1):7-

External Validation of the ASTRAL and DRAGON Scores for Prediction of Functional Outcome in Stroke
Cooray C, Mazya M, Bottai M, Dorado L, Skoda O, Toni D, et al
Stroke 2016;47(6):1493-9

IV thrombolysis in very severe and severe ischemic stroke: Results from the SITS-ISTR Registry
Sharma S, Mazya Mv, Wahlgren N, Ahmed N
Neurology 2016;86(22):2115-

Changes in European Label and Guideline Adherence After Updated Recommendations for Stroke Thrombolysis: Results From the Safe Implementation of Treatments in Stroke Registry
Anani N, Mazya Mv, Bill O, Chen R, Koch S, Ahmed N, et al
Circulation. Cardiovascular quality and outcomes 2015;8(6 Suppl 3):S155-62

IV thrombolysis in very severe and severe ischemic stroke: Results from the SITS-ISTR Registry
Mazya Mv, Lees Kr, Collas D, Rand Vm, Mikulik R, Toni D, et al
Neurology 2015;85(24):2098-106

Summary of Evidence on Early Carotid Intervention for Recently Symptomatic Stenosis Based on Meta-Analysis of Current Risks
De Rango P, Brown Mm, Chaturvedi S, Howard Vj, Jovin T, Mazya Mv, et al
Stroke 2015;46(12):3423-36

The Heidelberg Bleeding Classification: Classification of Bleeding Events After Ischemic Stroke and Reperfusion Therapy
Von Kummer R, Broderick Jp, Campbell Bc, Demchuk A, Goyal M, Hill Md, et al
Stroke 2015;46(10):2981-6

[Psychogenic non-epileptic seizures--not to be confused with epilepsy. Patient information and psychotherapy are the cornerstones of the treatment]
Sveinsson O, Mazya M, Lindström P
Lakartidningen 2014;111(16-17):735-8

Remote or extraischemic intracerebral hemorrhage--an uncommon complication of stroke thrombolysis: results from the safe implementation of treatments in stroke-international stroke thrombolysis register
Mazya Mv, Ahmed N, Ford Ga, Hobohm C, Mikulik R, Nunes Ap, et al
Stroke 2014;45(6):1657-63

External validation of the SEDAN score for prediction of intracerebral hemorrhage in stroke thrombolysis
Mazya Mv, Bovi P, Castillo J, Jatuzis D, Kobayashi A, Wahlgren N, et al
Stroke 2013;44(6):1595-600

Safety of Intravenous Thrombolysis for Ischemic Stroke in Patients Treated with Warfarin
Safe Implementation Thrombolysis S, Mazya Mv, Lees Kr, Markus R, Roine Ro, Seet Rcs, et al
ANNALS OF NEUROLOGY 2013;74(2):266-74

Predicting the risk of symptomatic intracerebral hemorrhage in ischemic stroke treated with intravenous alteplase: safe Implementation of Treatments in Stroke (SITS) symptomatic intracerebral hemorrhage risk score
Mazya M, Egido Ja, Ford Ga, Lees Kr, Mikulik R, Toni D, et al
Stroke 2012;43(6):1524-31

Predicting the Risk of Symptomatic Intracerebral Hemorrhage in Ischemic Stroke Treated With Intravenous Alteplase: Safe Implementation of Treatments in Stroke (SITS) Symptomatic Intracerebral Hemorrhage Risk Score (vol 43, pg 1524, 2012)
Mazya M
STROKE 2012;43(9):E102-E102

[New endovascular treatment of intracranial arterial stenosis in clinical practice. Good result in a patient with high risk of cerebral ischemia]
Mazya M, Rossitti S, Andersson Ma
Lakartidningen 2008;105(37):2486-8

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