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Michael Ahlquist


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Avdelning 2


Institutionen för odontologi (DENTMED), OF

Besöksadress : Alfred Nobels Allé 8 141 52 Huddinge
Postadress : Institutionen för odontologi (DENTMED), OF, Avdelning 2, Box 4064 141 04 Huddinge
Leveransadress : Alfred Nobels Allé 8, Plan 7 141 52 Huddinge


Comparison between high concentration EDTA (24%) and low concentration EDTA (3%) with surfactant upon removal of smear layer after rotary instrumentation: a SEM study
Daghustani M, Alhammadi A, Merdad K, Ohlin J, Erhardt F, Ahlquist M
Swedish dental journal 2011;35(1):9-15

Enterococcus faecalis infection in root canals - host-derived or exogenous source?
Vidana R, Sullivan A, Billström H, Ahlquist M, Lund B
Letters in applied microbiology 2011;52(2):109-15

VRl- and VRL-l-like immunoreactivity in normal and injured trigeminal dental primary sensory neurons of the rat
Stenholm E, Bongenhielm U, Ahlquist M, Fried K
Acta odontologica Scandinavica 2002;60(2):72-9

The effectiveness of manual and rotary techniques in the cleaning of root canals: a scanning electron microscopy study
Ahlquist M, Henningsson O, Hultenby K, Ohlin J
International endodontic journal 2001;34(7):533-7

Pulpal ischemia in man: effects on detection threshold, A-delta neural response and sharp dental pain
Ahlquist M, Franzén O
Endodontics & dental traumatology 1999;15(1):6-16


The pulp functions and threats





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