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Martin Becker



Early developmental gene enhancers affect subcortical volumes in the adult human brain
Becker M, Guadalupe T, Franke B, Hibar Dp, Renteria Me, Stein Jl, et al
Human brain mapping 2016;37(5):1788-800

A chromosomal rearrangement in a child with severe speech and language disorder separates FOXP2 from a functional enhancer
Becker M, Devanna P, Fisher Se, Vernes Sc
Molecular cytogenetics 2015;8():69-

A polymorphic enhancer near GREM1 influences bowel cancer risk through differential CDX2 and TCF7L2 binding
Lewis A, Freeman-mills L, De La Calle-mustienes E, Giráldez-pérez Rm, Davis H, Jaeger E, et al
Cell reports 2014;8(4):983-90

Hereditary mixed polyposis syndrome is caused by a 40-kb upstream duplication that leads to increased and ectopic expression of the BMP antagonist GREM1
Jaeger E, Leedham S, Lewis A, Segditsas S, Becker M, Cuadrado Pr, et al
Nature genetics 2012;44(6):699-703