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Daniel Falkstedt


Besöksadress : Tomtebodavägen 18A; Widerströmska huset, 171 77 Stockholm
Leveransadress : Tomtebodavägen 18A; Widerströmska huset, 171 77 Stockholm


Risk of Coronary Heart Disease in Men With Poor Emotional Control: A Prospective Study
Potijk Mr, Janszky I, Reijneveld Sa, Falkstedt D
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Cannabis use among Swedish men in adolescence and the risk of adverse life course outcomes: results from a 20 year-follow-up study
Danielsson Ak, Falkstedt D, Hemmingsson T, Allebeck P, Agardh E
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Does high intelligence improve prognosis? The association of intelligence with recurrence and mortality among Swedish men with coronary heart disease
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Lundin A, Sörberg Wallin A, Falkstedt D, Allebeck P, Hemmingsson T
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Low cardiorespiratory fitness in young adulthood and future risk of disability pension: a follow-up study until 59 years of age in Swedish men
Rabiee R, Agardh E, Kjellberg K, Falkstedt D
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Psychosocial functioning and intelligence both partly explain socioeconomic inequalities in premature death. A population-based male cohort study
Falkstedt D, Sorjonen K, Hemmingsson T, Deary Ij, Melin B
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Intelligence, socioeconomic background, emotional capacity, and level of education as predictors of attained socioeconomic position in a cohort of Swedish men
Sorjonen K, Hemmingsson T, Lundin A, Falkstedt D, Bo Ml
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Childhood socio-economic position and risk of coronary heart disease in middle age: a study of 49 321 male conscripts
Falkstedt D, Lundberg I, Hemmingsson T

Educational Level and Coronary Heart Disease: A Study of Potential Confounding from Factors in Childhood and Adolescence Based on the Swedish 1969 Conscription Cohort
Falkstedt D, Hemmingsson T
ANNALS OF EPIDEMIOLOGY 2011;21(5):336-42

The association between masculinity rank and mortality patterns: a prospective study based on the Swedish 1969 conscript cohort
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JOURNAL OF HYPERTENSION 2008;26(7):1313-20

Body mass index in late adolescence and its association with coronary heart disease and stroke in middle age among Swedish men
Falkstedt D, Hemmingsson T, Rasmussen F, Lundberg I

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