Vessel Wall Signaling

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Projektledare Joy Roy

Senior Lecturer

Joy Roy

Phone: 851779355
Organizational unit: Vascular Surgery


PhD student

Johan Ekstrand

Phone: +46-(0)8-517 735 61
Organizational unit: Vascular Surgery


Helen Sinabulya

Organizational unit: Vascular Surgery

Homeostasis in the vessel wall is maintained by signaling between the different cell types and the matrix and recently also been shown to be affected by the flowing blood, also known as shear stress. Our aim is to identify the critical signaling mechanisms in physiological states and understand how they are affected during vascular injury. In particular, we are focusing on insulin‐like growth factor 1 and shear stress related signaling in smooth muscle cells and their role in vessel wall injury. We aim to identify target critical signaling pathways in order to attenuate atherosclerosis progression and complications for example plaque rupture and improve results after vascular surgery. We use in vitro cell culture models, small animal models and even clinical databases and patient samples to test our hypotheses