Journal Club Kärlkirurgi

Autumn 2016

Wednesdays at 4.30 - 5.30 pm VIP or small meeting room CMM L8:05
Organizer: Ljubica Matic

14th September    

Presenting: Ljubica Matic

Publication: 1260419_full copy and nihms395043 copy

28th September

Hosting: Joy Roy    

Publication: jah3-5-e003227

Presenting: Samuel Röhl

12th October

Hosting: Joy Roy

Presenting: Robert Saxelin

Publication: Global gene expression profiling displays 

26th October

Hosting: Ulf Hedin

Presenting: Ulf Hedin

9th November

Anton Razuvaev

Anton Razuvaev

23rd November

Ulf Hedin

Eva Karlöf

7th December    

Anton Razuvaev    

Urszula Rykaczewska

Spring 2016

January 20th

Hosting: Ulf Hedin

Presenting: Joy Roy

Publication: Stroke 2014 Selwaness 3226-30.pdf

February 3rd

Hosting: Anton Razuvaev

Presenting: Linnea Eriksson

Publication: nejmoa1504720.pdf

February 17th

Hosting: Joy Roy

Presenting: Mona Ahmed

Publication: Theranostics 2015 High-risk plaques_Jianping bin

March 2nd

Hosting: Ulf Hedin

Presenting: Samuel Röhl

Publication: JC 02032016.pdf 

March 16th

Hosting: Anton Razuvaev

Presenting: Björn Gustafsson

Publication: High-resolution imaging of intravascular atherogenic inflammation in live mice_Chèvre_CircRes2014

March 30th

Hosting: Joy Roy

Presenting: Philip Tannenberg

Publication: cvr_cvw054_full-1.pdf 

April 13th

Hosting: Ulf Hedin

Presenting: Moritz Lindquist Liljeqvist 

Publication: Differential gene expression in human abdominal aortic aneurysm and aortic occlusive disease

April 27th - Journal club cancelled this week!

May 11th

Hosting: Anton Razuvaev

Presenting: Moritz Lindquist Liljeqvist

Publication: ATVB2015306958D 

May 25th

Hosting: Ulf Hedin

Presenting: Ulf Hedin

Publication: Circ Res-2016-Bennett-692-702 

June 8th

Hosting: Anton Razuvaev

Presenting: Urszula Rykaczewska

Publication: KLF4 dependent phenotypic modulation of smooth muscle cells has a key role in atherosclerotic plaque pathogenesis

June 22nd

Hosting: Joy Roy

Presenting: Silvia Aldi

Publication: J. Biol. Chem.-2010-Lapierre-25792-801 

Autumn 2015

September 9th

Presenting: Anton

Hosting: Anton

Publication: Survey on Data Reproducibility and Experimental Irreproducibility

September 23rd

Presenting: Philip

Hosting: Ulf

Publication: Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol-2015-ten Freyhaus-1236-45

October 7th

Presenting: Joy

Hosting: Joy

Publication: Tanios et al JC151007 pdf

October 21st

Presenting: Moritz

Hosting: Anton

Publication: Raaz segmental aortic stiffening contributes to experimental abdominal aortic aneurysm development.pdf 

November 4th

Presenting: Silvia

Hosting: Joy

Publication: Autophagy regulates endothelial cell processing

November 18th

The JC is replaced by a seminar in CMM Lecture Hall, L8:00 at 16:30

Speaker: Michiel Reessink from PerkinElmer, Groningen, The Netherlands

Title: Introduction to the IVIS, how to SEE your results

Host: Björn Gustafsson

December 2nd

Presenting: Ljubica

Hosting: Anton or Joy

Publication: nm 3920.pdf 

December 16th

Presenting: Urzula

Hosting: Ulf

Publication: IL-22 affects 

Spring 2015

January 21st

Presenting: Philip

Hosting: Joy

Publication: Circulation-2014-Ricard-1586-97

February 4th

Presenting: Ljubica

Hosting: Ulf

Publication: J Rheumatol-2014-Wang-jrheum140435

February 18th

Presenting: Claes

Hosting: Silvia

Publication: MIAT CR

March 4th

Presenting: Helen

Hosting: Anton

Publication: Budzyn-napierala_elastas_antitrypsin_cvi_phlebology_2015.pdf

March 18th

Presenting: Samuel

Hosting: Joy

Publication: The interleukin-1b modulator gevokizumab reduces neointimal proliferation and improves reendothelialization in a rat carotid denudation model

April 1st - cancelled

April 15th - cancelled

April 29th

Presenting: Mona

Hosting: Joy

Publication: Ultrasound Molecular Imaging of Transient AMI 2014

May 13th

Presenting: Ulf

Hosting: Ulf

Publications: JC150513-1.pdf and JC150513-2.pdf

May 27th

Presenting: Linnéa

Hosting: Anton

Publication: Mitochondria and Neointima Formation

June 10th - cancelled

Autumn 2014

October 1st

Presenting: Silvia Aldi

Hosting: Joy Roy

Publication: Phosphate-induced autophagy, Xiao-Yan Dai et al 2013

October 15th

Presenting: Ove Thott 

Hosting: Anton Razuvaev

Publications: Article Karnabatidis.pdf and Article Petricevic.pdf

November 5th

Presenting: Ljubica Matic

Hosting: Ulf Hedin

Publications:  Metastroke publication and pgen 1004502

November 12th

Presenting: Linnéa Eriksson

Hosting: Joy Roy

Publication: Diabetes-2014-Balestrieri-db14-1149

November 26th

Presenting: Ulf Hedin

Hosting: Ulf Hedin

Publication: Arterioscler Thromb Vasc Biol-2014-Virmani-1329-32

December 10th

Presenting: Moritz Lindquist, Liljeqvist

Hosting: Anton Razuvaev

Publication: Deep RNA Sequencing Reveals Dynamic Regulation of  Myocardial Noncoding RNAs in Failing Human Heart and  Remodeling With Mechanical Circulatory Support