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Anna Nopp

Anna Nopp, PhD, Associate Professor, Group Leader

The research is focused on the role of basophils in inflammation and as a diagnostic tool for allergy, inflammation and autoimmunity.


Joachim Lundahl

Joachim Lundahl, MD, Assistant Director of Karolinska University Laboratory, PhD, Professor

The research is focused on inflammation in general with emphasis on the innate cellular response.


S G O Johansson

S.G.O. Johansson, MD, PhD, Professor

The research is focused on IgE-mediated allergy.



Zekiye Cansu, BMA

The work includes several immunological
methods with special focus on cell culture and flow cytometry.


Zenib Aljadi

Zenib Aljadi, MD, PhD-student

The research is focused on developing a new method (microfluidic chip) to study basophil functions in inflammation.


Ladan Mansouri

Ladan Mansouri, MD, PhD-student

The research is focused on inflammation and functionality of lymphocytes in patients with chronic kidney disease.


Frida Kalm

Frida Kalm, MSc, PhD-student

The research is focused on improving allergy diagnostics using microfluidic chip technology.



Senka Sendic, MD, PhD-student

The research is focused on inflammation in patients with chronic kidney disease, mainly IgA nephropathy and SLE nephritis.




Leukocyternas roll i inflammation

Utveckling av framtida diagnostiska verktyg

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15 utvalda publikationer

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