KI-cupen 2017

2017-10-0610:00 to 16:00 Stadshagens IPAnnan

Endast för KI-anställda

Anmäl ditt lag senast 2 oktober - först till kvarn!

Omklädningsrum finns nära planen. Ta med egen mat.
Kom ihåg att oktober kan vara kall och regnig - ta med ombyte/utekläder.


Tournament rules

  • In teams of 7 players there must be 2 playing females on the field. The total numbers of players in the team will be reduced by the numbers of non playing females.
  • Every team must provide a referee to the tournament
  • Substitute players are allowed during the game/match
  • Max 7 players on the pitch (including goalkeeper) each game
  • No offside rule
  • Free kick zone 7 m
  • Penalty shot from 7 m
  • The goalkeeper must put the ball in play within 5 sec.
  • No sliding tackles allowed (even if you hit the ball)
  • Back-pass to goalie allowed. The goalie is allowed to pick the ball up.

Information about the rules will be provided at the briefing. 


  • No screw studs allowed. We recommend indoor shoes or football shoes made for artificial grass.
  • No gloves to the goalkeeper will be provided - bring your own.
  • A coloured west will be provided to separate the teams.


Check your team members insurance status, especially those on stipend. Only KI employees can attend this tournament. Please read more.

Tournament info

The playing schedule will be send to your team captain/contact person, two days before tournament.

Winner = 3 point Draw = 1 p 

Qualification from group stages:

The following sets out the rules for progression into knockout games from group stages:

  1. Top point scorers

In the situation of a tie the following will determine progression:

  1. Head to head record of tied teams
  2. Goals scored
  3. Goal difference
  4. Lottery drawing
Contact person: Patrik EmanuelssonImport to calendar
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