Translation services

Denna sida på svenska

Karolinska Institutet is a workplace with many foreign employees, several international collaborations and students from around the world. Often there is a need to translate our information into different languages.

Karolinska Institutet has a state-blanket on translation services. Blanket is done by ranking. The ranking means that you first turn to supplier number one, if they can not help you, you contact supplier number 2, and so on. Recall inquiry must not be altered in cases request goes to the succeeding provider.

Three framework suppliers offer services for translations to or from English:

  • Semantix Eqvator AB
  • Språkservice Sverige AB
  • Accent språkservice

Read more about the new framework and other language groups on

Contacts and pricing


Karin Calderon
08 - 506 225 03
Price list Semantix (in Swedish)

Språkservice Sverige AB

Natalia Walawender
073 - 7454 244
Price liste Språkservice (in Swedish)

Accent Språkservice

Karin Söderholm
Price list Accent Språkservice (in Swedish)

The role of the translator

The translator's task is to reproduce the message of the text (not to reproduce the content word for word). Sometimes a different word order or formulation to be more natural in the other language. If the Swedish text is written in "Klartext" (concise, consistent, correct) it gives a better translation. It may also be that the translator needs reference materials to understand the context the material will be presented in.


In case you have any questions, contact the Communications and Public Relations Office at