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We have different tools for storing and sharing files, such as KI Cloud (ownCloud), KI Box or KI Share.

If you don't know which solution you should use for storing your research data, you can have a look at the summary for research data management.

KI Cloud (ownCloud)

User manual for the use and installation of KI Cloud.

KI Box

KI Box is a cloud-based file sharing service that enables you to share files between your computer, smartphone and other mobile devices and with colleagues and partners inside or outside KI.

The Box service has been jointly procured by universities and university colleges in Sweden via SUNET, which has evaluated the service on several occasions. A pilot was conducted at the end of 2014 at KI with very satisfactory results. It is though important to bear in mind that not all sorts of data can be stored in KI Box considering it being a cloud service.

Log in to KI Box

First-time user? Get started with KI Box

A cloud service for KI

KI Box gives you access to a cloud service that meets high security standards. Box is the only service supplier that fulfils all the security requirements specified by SUNET in its procurement, including centralised user management, SSO, encrypted storage, Personal Data Act and the Safe Harbor principles.

Everyone who is currently using Dropbox for KI-data should move these files to KI Box for the following reasons:

  • The service has been tried and tested by several Swedish educational institutes, which have also conducted a number of risk and vulnerability analyses. KI has also carried out a risk and vulnerability analyses of the service.
  • According to KI’s risk and vulnerability analysis, KI Box can be recommended for information that is not classified as confidential by law or by KI’s internal classification model.
  • Generally speaking, no personal data on researchers or research participants shall be stored in KI Box, as they are considered sensitive data.

What kind of files must I not upload to KI Box?

 Information classified as confidential/requiring protection, such as information that can lead to a patent, may not be saved in KI Box, as the agreements do not include protection against the application of other national legislation. Box has no power over American legislation in this respect.

Some personal data are classed as sensitive by paragraph 13 of PUL and protected as confidential in accordance with the Public Access to Information and Secrecy Act. This applies, for example, to personal data relating to research participants. Such data should not be stored in KI Box. Coded data - with which you can identify a person with a key for decryption – are also to be treated as personal data. If the coded data refer to a research participant, they are to be considered sensitive as per PUL and cannot be stored in KI Box either.

See our page Frequently Asked Questions.

Advantages with KI Box

  • KI Box provides an easy way to share files with KI colleagues and external partners. All you need to get started is the recipient’s email address.
  • KI Box is easy to use and gives you access to your files from a range of clients, either via the web or an app on your mobile device. KI Box works with all the most common operating systems and units on the market.
  • KI Box entails no extra cost for university employees as it is financed centrally by KI via the IT invoice.
  • You can share large files up to 15 GB, and each user has 100 GB of free storage space.
  • All you need to access KI Box is your KI ID, so there’s no need for a separate username and password. If you do have problems logging in or using the service, you can always turn to the KI administrators for help.

Get your KI Box account

Simply go to, select Karolinska Institutet as the Service Provider and log in with your regular KI ID. Other guides and manuals for the service can be found on the Box website.

KI Share

KI Share is a tool that gives you the opportunity to share files both internally between your co-workers and with external users outside Karolinska Institutet.

The tool is based on Sharepoint 2013 and is especially recommended when you have the need for a support tool when you for instance work in a project.

KI Share is operated by KI itself and is therefore not a cloud service. KI Share is a web based tool which means that you can access it anywhere as long as you are connected to Internet. KI Share is operated by the Information Technology Office which means that this tool works well for store information which requires a higher security protection.

To get started with KI Share, go to and log in with your KI-ID.


If you have any questions about the service, feel free to contact KI’s central IT support.