Special laboratories and equipment

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In Laboratory of the Future ANA 8, the majority of our laboratories are unique. The equipment in these laboratories will be booked via KI’s new booking system PPMS.

Booking laboratory equipment

PPMS is a web-based booking system for booking advanced equipment for all of KI. For FL ANA 8, the plan is to use this for advanced equipment such as FACS/Sorting, confocal microscopy, mass spectrometry and X-ray.

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Special laboratories

State-of-the-art BSL3 laboratory

For work concerning airborne diseases. 2 cell culture rooms, flow cytometry, sorting, confocal microscopy, cryostat (approx. 200 m²)

Advanced flow cytometry and sorting

3 rooms for flow cytometry, 2 rooms for sorting

Mass spectrometry

3 mass spectrometers

Confocal microscopy

2 rooms for confocal microscopy



Cell radiation 

Driver license lab

You will need a "driver license" to be allowed to work in the special laboratories. More information about how/where/when will come.