Speakers Educational Congress 2018

We are looking forward to welcoming a wide range of speakers. We will update the list of speakers once the program is confirmed.

As a part of the congress we are also organizing the KIPRIME Symposium. This means that some of the sessions are hosted by The Gunnar Höglund and Anna Stina Malmborg foundation, Karolinska Institutet's Prize in Medical Education Research (KIPRIME). The sessions that are hosted by KIPRIME are indicated in the program as well as the speakers list below.

Keynote 1 - Prof Brian D. Hodges

Brian D. Hodges, is Professor at the Faculty of Medicine and the Ontario Institute for Studies in Education at the University of Toronto, Canada.

Professor Hodges has spent the last 25 years advocating for a closer examination of the role that medical education plays in society. His research focuses on the nature of competence and how it is assessed through demonstrable clinical skills and learning objectives. He has successfully advocated including simulations and assessment of mental health and communication skills in medical examinations.

Professor Hodges is currently working on approaches to enable health professionals throughout their career to engage with challenging simulations to improve their clinical skill, communication and team-based practice.

This Keynote is a part of KIPRIME symposium.


Keynote 2 - Prof Betty Leask

Emeritus Professor Betty Leask is recognised internationally as a thought leader in the internationalisation of higher education. She has researched and published extensively on the connections between theory and practice in internationalisation of the curriculum, teaching and learning in higher education.


Keynote 3 - Prof Gudrun Edgren

Gudrun Edgren talare vid Utbildningskongressen 2018Gudrun Edgren is Professor Emerita at the Faculty of Medicine, Lund University Sweden. Her background is as a researcher and teacher in preclinical medicine and she has been engaged in educational development for the last twenty years. For ten years, she was the director of the Centre for Teaching and learning. Her main research interests have been in curriculum development, educational climate and students’ learning. During the last few years she has been involved in development of PhD-education and has become interested in PhD-students’ learning within the research context.