Share your KI life on Instagram

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On KI’s official Instagram account @karolinskainstitutet staff and students share what they do at KI. Apply to be KI’s Instagrammer and tell people about your research, where you work or your studies for a week.

Skärmbild från instagram, där en tandläkarstudent publiceratKI’s Instagram account is our staff and student diary where we show photos and videos of KI’s everyday activities. The account is administered centrally by the Communications and Public Relations Office but is a so-called “rotation curation” account that is lent to staff and students from various parts of the university.

The account is also an opportunity for you to reach out in social media to more than 5,000 followers without needing to apply for an account of your own.

Would you like to take over the account for a week?

As Instagrammer of the week you are responsible for contributing images and videos together with a short descriptive text. The material is sent to the Communications and Public Relations Office, who deal with the actual publishing.

You can take charge of the account personally or together with your section/group/department.

If you are interested, send an e-mail to, briefly describing yourself and what you would like to share with KI’s followers on Instagram for a week.

Instagram tips

Are you unsure how Instagram works? Contact us for tips, advice and inspiration!