Refer and manage your phone calls via the web (BluStar Web)

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With BluStar Web, all employees who have an extension number at KI (O8-524 XXX XX), can listen to their voice mail, refer and turn off their incoming calls and synchronize the phone with the calendar etc.

Links to log in at once

Log in to BluStar Web here as an employee at Karolinska Institutet (log in with your KI-ID)
Log in here if you are an external tele customer without KI-ID (Office Web) (log in with your extension and password)

Get started with BluStar Web

BluStar Web contains many useful features. Here are some examples.

Manage your calls with several simple features

• You can turn off your extension for incoming calls and direct calls to your voicemail when you are e.g in a meeting, are home sick or have gone home for the day.
• You can search the directory for all colleagues with an extension number at KI (O8-524 XXX XX).
• You can see if the person you are planning to call is already in a call.
• You can forward your calls to another phone, internally and externally.
• You can schedule activities like vacations etc. in the systems calendar in advance.

Make sure that your information is correct in the directory – be reached by the correct calls

• The BluStar Web directory allows you to search for all colleagues at KI who has an extension number (O8-524 XXX XX). You can also view the information posted on your profile (titel, responsibilities). It's the information in your profile in BluStar Web that the KI's central switchboard is using when they connect calls. Thus, it is important that you update your information regularly so that the correct call reaches you and you can avoid being reached by calls intended for someone else.


Use these manuals to learn more. Log in and test it right away!

Manual to log in and use BluStar Web with a computer
Manual to log in and use BluStar Web with a mobile
• Manual to log in and use the Office Web via computer (will soon be here)

Contact us if you want to know more!

Please contact IT-support via or 08-524 822 22.