Project Organisation

More than a hundred people are working actively or have participated in the Biomedicum project organisation since 2010.

The Chairmen's team

The heads of the future Biomedicum departments are all members of the Chairmen's team. Chair of the Chairmen's team is rotated between the five department heads every six months.

Current Chair from July 1, 2017:

Head of department

Håkan Westerblad

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 872 53
Organizational unit: Department of Physiology and Pharmacology (FYFA), C3

General Presentation

Biomedicum - Research without boundaries
Karolinska Institutet's new laboratory for experimental biomedical science
General presentation of Biomedicum, EN (ppt)

Biomedicum - Forskning över vetenskapliga gränser
Karolinska Institutets nya laboratorium för experimentell biomedicinsk forskning
Biomedicum General Presentation, SE (ppt)

Project organization

Biomedicum project organization - Teams and their remits 2017 (word)

Biomedicum project organization presentation 2017 (ppt)