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KI is working on a large reform of the central IT management in the programme "Coordinated IT Operations". Its aim is to provide a higher degree of active support to the university’s core activities by offering a more uniform IT service and stable management of KI's IT environment. The project is being led by the central IT Office on behalf of the KI management.


Responsibility for regular IT support and infrastructure, and IT operation, storage and networks is currently uncoordinated at KI. The IT Office has primary responsibility for basic network structure and access, and the running of central, administrative systems such as HR and salary systems, financial and purchasing applications, email and calendar functions.

The central solutions offered to the departments regarding servers, storage, backup, local networks and clients have been limited, since responsibility for most IT-related issues has formally resided at a department level. Because of this, the IT environment at the university is very heterogeneous, with no IT coordination to speak of between the departments. Many departments have also had to purchase hardware and maintain servers and software on their own, which has been quite time-consuming and costly.

In 2013, the University Board took the decision to implement the Coordinated IT Operations project. This was done in order to gain a clearer overall picture of KI’s IT investments and thus exploit coordination gains, and to answer growing demands on IT security. The then university director tasked the IT Office with the implementation.

Some goals of the Coordinated IT Operations programme

  • To offer the departments IT operations management, for example servers and storage.
  • To enhance security for authorisations, access, internet traffic and sensitive data.
  • To offer standardised basic services and reduce the departments’ hardware costs.
  • To establish an efficient administrative model able to handle the various demands and needs of the different departments.

The IT Office intends to gradually extend its range of services. Initially, however, it will be focusing on basic infrastructural services, such as:

  • Virtual servers, such as Windows and Open Source
  • Storage in form of home directories and shared departmental spaces plus the storage of large data volumes, mainly research data
  • Backup, such as servers and clients
  • Networks
  • Database server
  • Printer server

In addiation, the IT Office offers standard clients, KI computers with central support and distribution of software (different models, both Mac and PC).

Phase 1: Pilot project

The Coordinated IT Operations project was implemented first as a pilot project at two departments, Laboratory Medicine (LabMed) and Physiology and Pharmacology (FyFa). The aim was to improve and supplement the processes and routines that the IT Office needs to deliver its IT-based services effectively and efficiently. This concerns both the initial needs analysis and the subsequent delivery. The pilot project covered the entire cycle from needs-identification to final service delivery.

The LabMed pilot was limited in scope and included mainly server, storage and Active Directory. The FyFa pilot was more comprehensive, and included a more complete takeover of all server operation and the establishment of laboratory computer networks.

Phase 2: Main project

As of 1 February 2016, the IT Office has responsibility for all IT operations, including user-support, at the Department of Public Health Sciences. The department’s IT manager is now part of the IT Office organisation. PHS will successively start ordering its computers, both PC and Mac, through the IT Office.

For Campus Flemingsberg we are currently working with client migreation. The delivery includes support, operations, and client management. For DentMed, the IT Office supplies server services.

More information about IT Service South at Campus Flemingsberg.

For the departments moving into Biomedicum, we have completed the inventory and are working at several departments with preparing the computers for the network in the new building. Please read more about IT in Biomedicum following this link.

We are now even handeling server operations and client management for the Department of Comparative Medicine, KM. For KI SÖS, Södersjukhuset, server operations and client support via the IT Office are up and running. We hare cooperating with SLL, who owns the physical network to which the users are connecting.

A lot of KI's employees will move to the U2-lab at Karolinska University Hospital. The IT Office has a coordinator in order to secure a working IT environment for KI employees.


Please visit the FAQ page for frequently asked questions.


In case you want to know more about the project, please feel free to contact Head of IT Gustaf Risling or project manager Jan Värmon.

Head of office

Gustaf Risling

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 860 95
Organizational unit: Information Technology Office


Jan Värmon

Organizational unit: Information Technology Office