Prize for Internationalisation in Teaching and Learning

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Sweden’s medical faculties have set up a joint prize for the internationalisation of first and second-cycle education in order to encourage their teachers and teaching teams to actively promote an international approach to teaching.

The prize is awarded to the teacher/teaching team that has made a significant contribution to raising the level of internationalisation in higher education over the past three years by bringing an international dimension to their teaching and by improving the students’ global perspective. This may be achieved, for example, through the development of virtual international course components, through a new teaching experience in the international classroom, or through initiatives that encourage student and teacher mobility.

The prize of SEK 105 000 will be awarded annually for five years from 2017 onwards. The prize was established collectively in May 2016 by Sweden’s medical faculties.

Nomination and selection of prize winner(s)

All employees, affiliates and students of Swedish medical faculties are invited to nominate a teacher/teaching team from within their own faculty.

Nominations are to be submitted between 1 February 2017 and 15 March 2017 on the online form. The nomination is closed for 2017 and will open again in january 2018. 

Please note that CV should not be enclosed in the nomination form. The nominee will be contacted by the coordinator, by March 15 at the latest, and the nominee will submit the CV directly to the coordinator.

The nomination form used is administrated through Uppsala University. The same form is used by all participating universities.

A Nomination Committee at each participating medical faculty will select its candidate for the prize. The proposals are presented to the Central Prize Committee, which will then decide on a winner.

The prize winner will be announced in May 2017.


If you have any queries, please contact the coordinator at your university:

Annelie Hyllner - University of Gothenburg 
Monika Berge - Karolinska Institutet
Kerstin Hawkins - Linköping University
Teresa Svarvell - Lund University
Henna Harinen - Umeå University
Eva Andersson Björkman - Uppsala University
Sören Andersson - Örebro University