New Karolinska University Hospital

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Opposite Karolinska Institutet Campus Solna, a new modern hospital is being built, where high quality care, research, development and education will be conducted.

The hospital, which constitutes the Solna section of the Karolinska University Hospital, opened its doors during 2016 and will be completely finished in 2017. The project name for the construction is NKS (Nya Karolinska Solna.)

Operational planning

A programme office has been established at the Karolinska University Hospital to plan future operations both in Solna and in Huddinge, and KI is actively contributing to this work in a number of ways.

The Karolinska University Hospital has produced a recommendation concerning operational content for institutional and out-patient care, while preparations are underway for procurement of medical technology equipment as well as information and communications technology for NKS.

NKS mainly consists of a hospital building, but there is also an R&D cluster being built with, among other things, a research building that is being constructed in conjunction with the new hospital. When the research building is completed in 2017, it will primarily be populated by research groups moving from the University Hospital in Solna.

Karolinska Institutet plans to build a highly specialised research laboratory, known as Biomedicum, for experimental research at campus Solna, alongside the construction of the hospital building and the NKS research building. The goal is to improve conditions for, among other things, translational research. Construction is planned to commence in 2013, with the project being completing in 2018.


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