Neo relocation information

Information will regularly be sent out and presented below to give answers to many questions concerning relocation issues. A retreat will be organized in October 2017 for personnel at the five departments moving to Neo, to inform about the relocation process and answering more questions.

Time schedule

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Neo timeschedule for move

Team relocation Neo

Group meetings is being held continously and with representatives from every institution involved in relocating to NEO

Angelica Tsanos Rosenberg, MER Solution AB
Maria Tomani, MER Solution AB
Anna Strömberg, Fastighetsavdelningen KI
Anette Kullin Eidehall, NVS KI
Eric Westman, NVS KI
Eva-Britt Samuelsson, NVS KI
Gaby Åström, MedH LipidLab KI
Janne Johansson, NVS KI
Johan Dethlefsen, BioNut KI
Jurga Laurencikiene, MedH Lipidlab KI
Kerstin Nordling, NVS KI
Kerstin Wåhlen, MedH LipidLab KI
Maria Roos, NVS KI
Marie Franzén, BioNut KI (until 30/4-17)
Thomas Tinglöv, BioNut KI
Lennart Nilsson, BioNut KI
Mathilda Sjöberg, BioNut KI
Agne Kulyte, MedH LipidLab KI
Monika Jansson, MedH KI
Ann-Sofie Johansson, MedH KI

Insurance for moving equipment

Generally, moving is covered by Alltrans 2007 (Laboratory equipment and -materials).The Rexab transport insurance covers SEK 150 / kg of the goods transported. Maximum compensation is 10 MSEK, however limited to 150 / kg.
Find the Alltrans 2007 conditions and REXAB insurance certificate document below (Swedish only).

Office equipment applies to “Office 2003 - General rules for the relocation of office equipment” (document below) and then also to the following conditions:

  • Transport insurance will cover a maximum of 30 price base amount per mission (van load of furniture / moving truck), but a maximum of 1.329 MSEK.
  • The REXAB transport insurance covers SEK 150 / kg of the goods transported, up to a value of half a price base amount (22.150 SEK) if the goods weigh less than 25 kg. NOTE! For compensation to be paid, it’s required that the carrier take care of the packing!
  • For freight unit with a weight over 25 kg, the compensation is 886 SEK / kg (ie 2% of the price base amount).

Kammarkollegiet insurance

Karolinska Institutet has a “business insurance” (verksamhetsförsäkring) at Kammarkollegiet (The Legal, Financial and Administrative Services Agency). It applies to property belonging to KI. Compensation should be claimed from the carrier at first hand, whose liability however can be limited to x amount SEK / kg etc. Then you can turn to Kammarkollegiet. The deductible is 1 price base amount (currently 44.300 SEK).

You have to choose insurance depending on the value of the item to be transported, compared to the cost of an additional insurance. If the KI business insurance at Kammarkollegiet is needed, Annika Sjöborg shall be informed.

Head of unit

Annika Sjöborg

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 865 44
Organizational unit: Miljö och säkerhet

Packing and moving chemicals

KI/SLL frame agreement regarding containers for moving chemicals, see link at bottom of this page.

More information about waste handling at KI staff web: and