Meeting rooms - FL ANA 8

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We have several meeting rooms in ANA 8. These rooms can be used by everyone sitting in the Laboratory of the future ANA 8 premises. 

All rooms have wireless wifi and are booked via outlook. Se guideline how to book (PC-users).

Klicka för att se en större bild över vilka rum som ligger var i ANA 8, plan 9.


Floor 9

The Steering Group ANA 8 have decided to only use THREE of the meeting rooms at floor 9 and also the rooms we use on floor 6,7 and 8. See below the rooms that are linked - Blumberg, Steinman och Yalow. Please note that none of the rooms have any AV-equipment yet.
Meeting room Seats Details
FL ANA 8 Von Behring 54  Seminar/workshop room, Projector automatic 
screen, whiteboard, speakers,
wireless microfon
FL ANA8 Yalow 18 Projector automatic screen, whiteboard, 
FL ANA8 Fleming 18 Projector automatic screen, whiteboard, 
FL ANA8 Bárány 12 
Projector automatic screen, whiteboard, 
FL ANA8 Benacerraf 12  Projector automatic screen, whiteboard, 
FL ANA8 Koch 12 Projector automatic screen, whiteboard,
FL ANA8 Steinman 12  Two screens á 65", videoconference,  
speakers, whiteboard 
FL ANA8 Banting Mcleod 6 Screen 55", whiteboard,
FL ANA8 Blumberg 6 Screen 55", whiteboard,

Floor 8

Room Seats Details
FL ANA8 Dynamiten 6 Projector automatic screen, whiteboard, projector, speakers

Floor 7

Room Seats Details
FL ANA8 Penicillinet 4 Screen 32", whiteboard
FL ANA8 Antikroppen 4 Screen 32", whiteboard
FL ANA8 Dendriten 4 Screen 32", whiteboard
Mattorget Anabolen
(not built)
148 No calendar.
Can not be used for meetings during lunch,
i.e. 11.00AM-14.00PM.
Projector automatic screen, whiteboard, 
speakers, wireless microfon
FL ANA8 Insulinet
(not built)
24 Projector automatic screen, whiteboard, speakers
(a separate lunchroom in connection with Anabolen separated with removable walls)

Floor 6

Room Seats Details
FL ANA8 Moissan 4 Screen 32", whiteboard
FL ANA8 Curie Projector automatic screen, whiteboard, 
speakers, whiteboard

Floor 4 (Library)

Room Seats Details
FL ANA8 Lagerlöf 
(not built)
44  Projector automatic screen, whiteboard,
speakers, wireless microfon