Manual – VPN for PC

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VPN is used when you work off campus and want to reach the KI network and internal resources - such as shared folders on a file server.

Installation and get started

VPN gives you the possibility to access KI network when you are off-campus, for example working from home or travelling. To be able to use the VPN service you need first to install a VPN-client.
If you don't know if the VPN client is installed on your computer, you can check this by clicking the small arrow down in the right corner.

A set of icons will then show up. If you can see the VPN icon, marked in red below, the VPN client is already installed on your computer. Click the icon and the VPN client will start and you can log in according to the description above.

In case you don't have VPN client already, you need to download the client to your computer, which requires login in using your KI login.

By clicking on Log in you will receive a text message or e-mail to your mobile phone with an activation code for the PointSharp app. Please find more information about how to get started with PointSharp below at "Two factor identification". When you have downloaded the app go back to, type in your KI ID again and use the code generated by PointSharp. 

Starting VPN

When the VPN client is installed and you are ready to access KI you start the VPN client. If the VPN client does not connect, please check that the following address is specified for the VPN client: and then click Connect and log in using your KI login. If the address not is specified, write it in manually.

You log in with your KI login, same as for your e-mail account.

Two factor identification

When you have logged in you will receive a two factor authentication challenge.

The first time you log in you will be sent an instruction to install the smartphone app PointSharp. If you have your mobile phone number registered in Active Directory the instruction will be sent as a text message otherwise the instruction will be sent as an e-mail to your KI e-mail address.

Note: Please check your Junk mailbox because some e-mail clients might classify this e-mail as junk.

Example of e-mail:
Från: KI Secure Login Service []
Skickat: den 29 september 2016 14:55
Till: Some Name <>
Ämne: KI Secure Login Service notification
Prioritet: Hög
Download the client from Activation code: 22XXXXXX

Example of SMS:

Click the download link on your smartphone to download and install the PointSharp app. Start the app and fill in the activation code specified in the instruction you got.

Note: During the download and activation process the challenge will most probably time out so the first try will fail. Just retype your username and password again type in a new token from the PointSharp app. To refresh the token in the app click the refresh symbol.

Consecutive usage

When the PointSharp app is installed you have to start the app and the token given in the app shall be typed into the AnyConnect challenge window above.

After submitting the challenge code, you will be connected to KI.

Since VPN encrypts all data traffic it is fragile. This means that if you for example use your mobile phone for connecting to internet it might not work very well.


If you have any questions or problems regarding VPN, please contact the IT support.