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Here you find answers to the most commonly asked question about ELN and its functions. All the answers can also be found in the user- and the superuser manuals.

ELN and its functions

Why can I not upload word/excel files?

Why can I not copy/paste?

Can I set email reminders?

Why do I not see the project that I want to add?

Why can I not add/find a co-signer?

How do I submit an experiment?

How do I add collaborators to an experiment?

How do I copy (clone) an experiment?

How do I create and use a template?

How do I make a section mandatory in template?

How do I add User defined reference (a preset list) to a template?

ElnAdminWeb and how to administrate ELN

Can I close a project so that no new experiments can be added?

How do I set Experiment type and how do I use it?

How can I remove users?

Common error messages

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If you can't find answers to your question

If you cannot find the solution to your problem, have a look in the user- and the superuser manuals or contact the ELN-coordintor for help.

ELN coordinator

08-524 867 62 (Nina Gennebäck)