IT Service South

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The IT Service South project is part of the major Coordinated IT Operations programme. The aim of the project is to offer six departments in Huddinge a shared IT infrastructure.

The shared IT infrastructure includes:

  • Server operation
  • A common KI network
  • Storage (group or private)
  • Printing, scanning and fax services
  • Cataloguing of all network peripherals

The project will also ensure the IT aspect of “Framtidens lab” and the NEO research building. The new way of delivering IT and greater inter-departmental cooperation also create new requirements for how IT support is organised. Part of the project will therefore involve the introduction of a new support organisation for Huddinge in order to maintain, and where necessary improve, the standard of service.

It is hoped that the project can be implemented with as little disruption as possible. The most required of individual users is that they make their computers accessible for stocktaking.

Departments concerned

The six departments included in IT Service South are:

  • The Department of Biosciences and Nutrition (BioNut)
  • The Department of Neurobiology, Care Sciences and Society (NVS)
  • The Department of Dental Medicine (DentMed)
  • The Department of Laboratory Medicine (LabMed)
  • The Department of Clinical Sciences, Intervention and Technology (Clintec)
  • The Department of Medicine, Huddinge (MedH)

Timetable and contact

The project is planned for completion in 2018 and is currently running at several departments. If you would like more information, please contact Jan Värmon, project manager at the IT Office or Maria You, project manager KI South.