IT in Biomedicum

On this page you can find information about the IT set up in Biomedicum; news, general information and Q&A.

News from the project

IT costs in Biomedicum

Type of cost Amount What´s included
Running costs
IT Fee 9 900 SEK per year and person. The IT-fee covers the basic IT infrastructure at KI. More details on
Computer support 3 200 SEK per year and person.
  • Assistance when buying new equipment
  • Configure new computers with standard software to fit KI:s environment
  • Guidance on IT issues
  • Correcting errors and malfunctions
  • Secure correct versions of software
  • Software installation on request 
Storage Up to 100 GB per person
free of charge. 
Volumes exceeding that will cost 1,2 SEK per GB and year.
Regardless tool for storage (e.g OwnCloud, fileserver) the service includes best practise storage including backup and restore.
Print 0,137 SEK per copy black and white and 0,467 SEK for colour, size A4. It is a lease and service agreement. The only additional cost is for paper. All other financial and service related costs are included. The equipment is multifunctional handling a variety of printing request in addition to copying and scanning.
New computers Starting at about 7.500 SEK. Please see separate price list below. The standard offer is a variety from HP or Apple.The offer is designed to meet all kinds of requirements and budgets.

Recommended computers

If ordering a new computer before the move to Biomedicum please contact your local IT Manager for further guidance considering specifications and exact prices. The process after the move will slightly change and more information on the subject will come.

The models and prices below are subject to change and will be available latest January 2018.

Model Operating System Preliminary prices in SEK
HP ProBook430 G5 Windows 7.500
HP Elite x360 1030 G2 Windows 16.000
HP Elite X2 1012 G2 Windows 12.500
HP ZBook15 G4 Windows 22.500
HP ZBookStudio G4 Windows 15.000
HP EliteBook820 G3 Windows 12.500
HP EliteBook1040 G3 Windows 16.000
HP EliteOne 800 G2 (Stationary) Windows 9.000
MacBook Air 512 GB Mac OS 11.500
MacBook Pro 13 512 GB Mac OS 19.500
MacBook Pro 15 512 GB Mac OS 23.000
Apple iMac (Stationary)* Mac OS Depending on configuration

* Not yet part of the standard offer but can be ordered with longer delivery time. Prices are depending on configuration. More information can be found in “Wisum”.


General information

IT Support

Like today the IT support will be the team that resolves problems, fix errors and answer questions. 

Today each department is supported by one or a few IT managers, working independently of each other. When moving to Biomedicum they will merge with the central IT Office´s existing support. The support process will be slightly different as each user, when support is called for, contacts the central service desk’s first line support. If needed, the issue will be handed over to the applicable expert team in the second line support.

Data storage

Safe storage is one of the top priorities going forward. Safe storage means that no unauthorised person can get access to data and that data can be recreated if lost due to technical malfunction or if deleted by accident.

In order to guarantee safe storage the IT Office will offer a range of storage alternatives depending on type of data and user requirements. (You find more information on the storage options in the Q&A.)

Today’s decentralised data storage where a single employee or a team is responsible for the storage, its maintenance and back up will be decommissioned. The equipment serving this purpose will not be moved to Biomedicum.

The authorised storage alternatives will be available during the autumn of 2017 so that the moving of data can be carried out in a controlled manner before the move in 2018.

Laboratory IT

The Biomedicum moving project is now in the process of identifying and deciding what equipment will be moved. Computers supporting this equipment will have unchanged functionality and the only thing that needs further investigation is how the data produced will be stored.


Biomedicum is designed to host a specific number of central multi task (print, copy and scanning) units which will serve the offices and labs nearby. 


The staff’s personal computers will be moved to Biomedicum and with some minor adjustments they will be prepared for the new network in the building. No existing software will be removed from the computers nor will any data stored on the hard drive be erased. The adjustments are mainly the following:

  • Move from the local departments directory (AD) to the KI central equivalent
  • Installing or updating a virus protection if needed
  • Installing KI-cloud in order to back up files saved on the personal hard drive
  • Installing a Software Asset Management tool to secure KI’s licence compliance
  • Encrypt the hard drive

Once the adjustments have been carried out all users log on with their KI ID. This will reduce the number of logon needed to access other services such mail and intranet.

The work on the computers will continue for the rest of 2017. IT staff will be present at the department to carry out the work needed. The operation will require access to each computer for about 30 minutes.


Who has decided how the IT should be organized in Biomedicum?

The formal decision was taken by the steering group for the Biomedicum IT-Project (members from the departments and the IT Office, see below). However the design of the setup is very much based on the overall KI strategy for how IT should be managed and that is a decision made by the University Board some years back.

Questions regarding the IT Support

In which way will the changes make the support more efficient?

  • Access to the support will be guaranteed during office hours.
  • If needed, temporary arrangements can be made to make support available off office hours
  • Today’s setup with one to two persons covering all skills and competences will be replaced with a large team of experts where the current local IT Managers will be a vital component.
  • All support issues will be documented to be solved in order of importance.
  • The documentation will help us see patterns and trends and thereby enable us to solve the root cause instead of just fixing the symptom.

Why can’t we keep our local IT manager?

Biomedicum as such is based on cooperation over the department boarders. It is therefore natural to design the future IT Support as a common service facing the entire Biomedicum. The IT managers will be kept as the current IT-staff but also be incorporated in a common team dedicated to support the entire Biomedicum.

Who will be on site to help us?

There will be a team located in the Biomedicum building. This team is ready to be launched if a personal presence is needed to solve your problem. Your current IT manager will be part of this team.

Questions regarding data storage

What are the storage options?

Storage is offered in a number of ways, each with different purpose as described below. These three ways of storing offers high availability, redundancy and backup:

  • KI Cloud. A cloud based solution where the servers are hosted within and by KI. From KI- cloud you synchronise data between your hard drive, phone and tablet. It also enables you to share data with colleagues regardless if they are within KI or not.
  • File server. Each department will have their own server with a structure reflecting the organisation where the unit, group or team can store their common data. On this server there is also space available for each person to save data that is only a concern for one individual.
  • KI Box. Another cloud based solution similar to KI-Cloud when it comes to functionality. One important difference is that the data is not stored within KI premises.

Why can’t we bring our own data storage?

The equipment currently used for this purpose do not meet the very high standards KI sets for storing data. The importance of safeguarding our research can’t be emphasised enough. KI is under regular attacks from the outside and a safe storage is a key component in protecting our valuable assets.

Does KI Cloud (ownCloud) only synchronize when I am connected via VPN?

No. The synchronisation is activated as soon as you have access to internet. 

What can we store in KI Cloud (ownCloud)?

KI Cloud is a secure storage where the servers are hosted within and by KI.  However, when it comes to sensitive data (such as personal data) we recommend the department file server as this requires VPN connection to be accessed. Read about what to store where on the page Research Data Management.

Questions regarding the computers

What do you mean by minor adjustments to my computer and why are these adjustments necessary?

  • We will join your computer to our central domain. This gives us an opportunity to serve all computers with needed updates remotely and simultaneously. This also means you will log on with your KI ID which gives you access to central systems without separate log on.
  • If needed we will change and/or update your virus protection so it’s in best possible shape. An updated virus protection, on each and every computer on our network, is another key component to protect us from the regular attacks we are under from the outside.
  • Install a Software Asset Management tool. This tool reports what software is running on which computer. It runs in the background and doesn’t require any skills or operations from the users. It enables us to verify that KI is compliant with our software licence agreements.
  • Install KI-Cloud so we can start the process of automatically backup files you save on your hard drive. Today too many are saving very important data on their hard drive without a sufficient backup. A hard drive on a personal computer is not considered to be a safe storage.
  • The computer will be connected to the department’s file server where you save data which is to be shared with your research group or other organizational affiliation.
  • Your hard drive will be encrypted so if it gets lost no unauthorised person will get access to the content.

Can I bring private computers to Biomedicum?

If you by “private computers” refer to computers that are funded by other means than KI’s you can bring them to Biomedicum but they will be treated slightly different. You will be referred to use the guest network and no support is given to this device.

If I bring my private computer, do you have to make adjustments to that one too?

We will not do any adjustments on your private computers. We will neither support it nor charge any support fee.

After adjusting my computer, will you be able to look into my personal data?

The adjustments do not change the integrity part compared to the current situation. The only information we are gathering are of technical nature in general and what software being used in particular.

We have guests joining us for a limited time. Can they use their own equipment?

Yes they can. If they only need internet access they are free to use the guest network. If they need to use some KI system, print or have access to the department storage we are working on a solution for that as well. There are several different options for solving this and we are currently working on finding the one best suited for KI. More information on this subject will come soon.

Is there a limited number of computers per person in Biomedicum?

No, but we encourage people to accept one computer per person. As we have understood that it’s not unusual to have another device for travelling and remote work we accept this “extra” computer without increasing the fee. The only limitations are that on computer number two you can only have software where KI has a campus agreement. And if you decide to buy a new one it has to be one of the standard models if you want to avoid any extra fee.

What do you charge for supporting the computers?

The fee will be 3,200 per year and person. Please look at the price list above for information on what is included in the price.

Can I keep on using my Time Machine?

Time Machine is designed to meet the requirements from a distributed individual management of a Mac-computer. As we are now moving towards a centralised management Time Machine is no longer possible nor needed. All files needed to restore a computer will be safely stored and the responsibility to execute the restoration will be a concern for the IT-support.

Will students who don’t have a KI ID not be able to use our computers?

Students can log on to a KI computer with their student ID. The students will be able to reach internet but not the department’s fileserver but whatever system access KIB is offering them will be available.

Will guests be able to connect their computers to a Wi-Fi in Biomedicum?

Yes, there will be a guest Wi-Fi in Biomedicum.

Questions regarding printing

Who will be responsible for the printers, e.g. to change toner?

It is part of ITA:s responsibility and there is an agreement with an external supplier for delivery and execution of the service. The agreement includes refilling toners but not paper.

What will be the cost for printing?

0,137 SEK per copy black and white and 0,467 SEK for colour, size A4.

Will others be able to see my print outs?

Your prints are handled in a very safe and secure way. The only way to access them is to swipe your personal badge at the printer.

Steering Committee

These are the members of the steering committee for IT Service in Biomedicum.

Members Pontus Aspenström, MTC
  Åsa Garmager, Neuro
  Christer Höög, CMB
  Gustaf Risling, ITA
  Per Uhlén, MBB
  Håkan Westerblad, FyFa


If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact either the IT Manager at your department or Jan Värmon or Maria You, Project Managers from the IT Office.


Jan Värmon

Organizational unit: Information Technology Office

Project manager

Maria You

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 853 34
Organizational unit: Projects