IT and Administration

Changes in IT and IT Support when moving to Biomedicum.

The changes will be within the following areas

IT Support

Like today the IT support will be the team that resolves problems, fix errors and answer questions. Also, all ordering of IT-equipment will go through the IT support.   

Today each department is supported by one or a few IT managers, working independently of each other.  When moving to Biomedicum they will merge into one unit that is closely integrated with the central IT Office´s existing support.  The support process will be slightly different as each user, when support is called for, needs to go through the central service desk. When needed the central service desk will hand over the issue to the support team located in Biomedicum.

Data storage

Safe storage is one of the top priorities going forward. Safe storage means that no unauthorised person can get access to data and that data can be recreated if lost due to technical malfunction or if deleted by accident.


In order to guarantee safe storage the IT Office will offer a range of storage alternatives depending on type of data and user requirements.


Today’s decentralised data storage where a single employee or a team is responsible for the storage, its maintenance and back up will be decommissioned. The equipment serving this purpose will not be moved to Biomedicum.


The authorised storage alternatives will be available during the autumn of 2017 so that the moving of data can be carried out in a controlled manner before the move in 2018.

Laboratory IT

The Biomedicum moving project is now in the process of identifying and deciding what equipment will be moved. Computers supporting this equipment will have unchanged functionality and the only thing that needs further investigation is how the data produced will be stored.


Biomedicum is designed to host a specific number of central multi task (print, copy and scanning) units which will serve the offices and labs nearby. 


The staff’s personal computers will be moved to Biomedicum and with some minor adjustments they will be prepared for the new network in the building. No existing software will be removed from the computers nor will any data stored on the hard drive be erased. The adjustments are mainly the following:


  • Move from the local departments directory (AD) to the KI central equivalent
  • Installing or updating a virus protection if needed
  • Installing KI-cloud in order to back up files saved on the personal hard drive
  • Installing a Software Asset Management tool to secure KI’s licence compliance
  • Encrypt the hard drive

Once the adjustments have been carried out all users log on with their KI ID. This will reduce the number of logon needed to access other services such mail and intranet.

The work on the computers will start in May and go on for the rest of 2017. IT staff will be present at the department to carry out the work needed. The operation will require access to each computer for about 30 minutes. More exact schedule will be distributed later.