Innovation financing

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On this page we have gathered a selection of possible sources of funding for early innovation projects. The sources consist of both programs from Swedish and foreign financiers but here you can also find competitions and other types of soft financing.

Some of the sources of funding that we have selected below is directly targeted to individuals (such as researchers or students) while others are turning to small or newly started companies or in some cases constellations of several players. Some funding sources have specific deadlines for application while others are managed more continuously. In the calendar at the bottom of the page, you will find a selection of current calls for financing innovation projects (NB: in the calender we have only listed calls that have information text available in English, more calls available on the Swedish page).

In addition to the programs and sources appearing on this page there are of course the possibility to apply for traditional loans. If you are starting up a company there is also a possiblitiy to reach for investments in equity capital, so-called private equity (venture capital). If you need help or have questions about financing or innovation applications - contact Innovation Office.

Continuously open calls ( no deadline )

Verification for Growth ( VFT- 1 )

Verification for Growth ( VFT -1) is a VINNOVA program where universities in Sweden themselves have been given the opportunity to manage the processing. Through the program researchers ( and also students) linked to each university have the opportunity, through the use of business expertis, commercially validate research results and ideas. The purpose of the program is to reduce the technical or commercial risk on the realization of a business idea. Applicants can receive a grant of up to 300 000 SEK through the program. At KI the program is handled KI Innovations AB.

ALMI förstudiemedel (funding for feasbility studies)

ALMI förstudiemedel is supposed to be used for early development and may be used for technical or commercial evaluation, prototyping, expertise in engineering, law etc. The grant is handled through ALMI's regional partners KI Innovations AB.

ALMI Innovation Checks

VINNOVA has provided Almi to distribute Innovation Cheques at a maximum of 100 000 SEK to small and medium-sized enterprises. Companies applying for the grant must have at least 3 employees and have been in existence for at least one year. The checks can be used for the purchase of external services from institutes, universities or other providers of knowledge. The grant is applied through Almi Stockholm Sörmland (information only available in Swedish).

Competitions in Innovation

Karolinska Institutet is involved in various forms of competitions promoting innovation or entrepreneurship. In many of these competitions there are, in addition to the honor , good opportunities to win prize money. For exmple Karolinska Institutet has, since more than 15 years, been one of the organizers of the successful business competition Venture Cup - today one of the world's largest business competitions. For more information about Venture Cup and how to compete go to our separate webpages for Venture Cup .