Health Promotion Campus Solna

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We offer free group training classes for students and staff. At the moment, students have access to BASE and to Lugna rummet in Solna.

Loftet staff gym

Loftet is a small functional gym located in BZ-house above the examination hall. We offer 30-45 min functional training classes during weekdays. An introductory session is required to get access to Loftet - book online.

Lugna rummet

In Lugna rummet we offer weekly classes in mindfulness meditation, qi gong and yoga. The room is also bookable during the opening hours.

Room usage priority

  1. Health Promotion classes/workshops (open for KI students and staff)
  2. Other activities, e g dance and yoga (open for KI students and staff)
  3. Student Health Care workshops/courses (open for students)
  4. Other activities (closed groups)

Those who would like to use the room by their own will have to use the bookable hours. For more information, please contact Health Promotion Unit.

Physical activity