Five questions about new Ladok

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Karolinska Institutet will get a new Ladok-system in November 2017. The new system will provide expanded service to both students and teachers, as well as a smoother and more modern administration for KI’s staff. The project manager answers five frequently asked questions about new Ladok.

I am an educational administrator and work extensively with Ladok today. Will my work be redundant?

“No, you will continue to be the hub of educational administration. Even if the teachers report the results and the examiner decide the grades in the system, there will still be old as well as new tasks to perform in the system. For example, the courses need to be opened for the students so that they can register, and teacher and examiners must be linked to the correct course in the system.”

Will the new system amount to more work for me as a teacher?

"No, you are responsible for reporting results just as before. The difference is that it can be done directly in the system rather than on a paper. However, the educational administrator could, just like today, report the results. The certification (signing) of the grades will only be possible to do in the system and this will be done by the course examiner, just like today.”

What will be the changes for those of us who works with doctoral education?

“Today’s system offers a very simple support for the administration of doctoral education. The new system will instead offer the same support as for the current system offers undergraduate education. For example, the student's planned courses will be registered in the system before they have are started and it will be easy for the supervisor or the director of doctoral studies to follow the progress of the student.”

“But it also means that our working processes regarding the doctoral education needs to be developed and adapted to the new system. The project is working with representatives for the educational administrators and study directors, to adjust the system to fit our everyday work.”

What do you think will be the most significant differences with the new system?

“The simple interface is what’s comes to mind first. The new system will provide an opportunity to review and follow up in a completely different way. For example, all users will have the opportunity to follow a specific student or an entire course in a much simpler way.”

"I also believe that the possibility for you as a teacher or examiner to report and certify results and grades almost regardless of where you are in the world, will facilitate the work since many employees at KI have several work places and travels a lot.

"Another difference is that archive lists will not be needed anymore because reporting and certification is done in the system.”


Project manager

Juni Francén Engdahl

Organizational unit: Education Support Office