Faculty Office and International Relations

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The office focuses on overall issues regarding research, doctoral education, education and internationalisation in accordance with the demands from the management and the faculty boards.


The mission of the office is to be a strategic and administrative support to the three faculty boards and regarding internationalisation, to the management as well.The tasks involve handling of cases, preparation of strategies and conduction of investigations in a legally safe way and with high quality.

Furthermore, the office is responsible for coordinating KI’s international operations and to service the community in matters relating to the office’s responsibilities.

The office is divided into two units:

  • Faculty Office
  • International Relations Office



Reet Joandi

Telefon: 08-524 865 45
Enhet: Avd. för styrelsestöd och internationella relationer
E-post: Reet.Joandi@ki.se


Anna-Lena Paulsson

Telefon: 08-524 865 11
Enhet: Avd. för styrelsestöd och internationella relationer
E-post: Anna-Lena.Paulsson@ki.se


Lotta Myrén

Telefon: 08-524 869 08
Enhet: Avd. för styrelsestöd och internationella relationer
E-post: charlotta.myren@ki.se


Pernilla Witte

Telefon: 08-524 861 07
Enhet: Avd. för styrelsestöd och internationella relationer
E-post: pernilla.witte@ki.se

Faculty Office

The unit provides strategic and administrative support for the deans, the three faculty boards and their respective subdivisions. The unit also provides support for the Research Advisory Committee and the Education Advisory Committee within the collaboration organisation between Karolinska Institutet and Stockholm County Council.

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Birgit EkrothAdministratör
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Clara ErssonSamordnare
Anna GustafssonHandläggare
Ulrika HelldénSamordnare
Reet JoandiEnhetschef
Christina JoosHandläggare
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Henrik LundströmController
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Lotta MyrénAvdelningsadministratör
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Katharina SoffronowController
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Ingrid WallensteinController
Ingeborg van der PloegStudierektor

International Relations Office

There are eleven employees at the International Relations Office, involved in strategic issues, project management, contract management and information regarding internationalisation. International visits and events at management level as well as issues related to tuition fees and scholarships are coordinated by the unit.

The International Relations Office operates principally on behalf of the three operating boards, the study programme committees and the management of Karolinska Institutet.
At the unit, the KI International Strategy Committee (IS), the Board of Higher Education’s drafting committee for internationalisation and other committees are coordinated. Externally funded mobility programmes (such as the Erasmus+, the Erasmus Mundus and the Linnaeus Palme programme), investigations, and evaluations are also coordinated at the unit.  

Johanna AckemarInternationell koordinator
Maissa Al-AdhamiSamordnare
Monika BergeInternationell koordinator
Luni ChenAnknuten
Anna DahlerusHandläggare
Johanna DiehlInternationell koordinator
Katarina DrakenbergHandläggare
Kristina JesinkeyInternationell koordinator
Lotta LundqvistInternationell koordinator
Maria OlssonSamordnare
Anna-Lena PaulssonEnhetschef
Dobril-Philip PetkovInternationell koordinator
Ulrika WidegrenVetenskaplig sekreterare
Pernilla WitteHandläggare


International Collaboration


Postal address: Karolinska Institutet, Faculty Office and International relations, 171 77 Stockholm
Visiting address: Nobels väg 6, 7th floor, KI Campus Solna