Erik and Edith Fernström Foundation for Medical Research

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Erik and Edith Fernström Foundation hereby invites applications for scholarships to conduct medical research


The scholarships will be awarded for research at top foreign research institutions. The primary purpose is to support researchers whose research objectives cannot be achieved at corresponding Swedish institutions, but that can be expected to generate results of value for ongoing medical research in Sweden.

The scholarship can, for example, be used to finance a shorter stay (1-6 months) at a foreign research institution or laboratory, in order to become acquainted with new technology or to establish a collaboration. Funding will be granted for travel and other expenditures not covered by the researcher’s salary during the travel period. The funding is not meant to cover a regular salary or operational costs associated with the research programme.


Researchers and doctorial students at Karolinska Institutet are eligible to apply for a scholarship. Exchanges with Karolinska Institutet’s partner universities and institutions are given a certain degree of priority.


Awarded grants varies between 50,000 and 150,000 SEK per person.


If the researcher is a doctoral student, the application should contain a letter of recommendation from the supervisor including his CV and publication list.

The application must be submitted digitally. The online form will be available ​through KI Prisma during the application period, February 21 – March 7, 2017. The application period closes 2.00 pm.


Decision of grant will be taken by the Foundations Board. All applicants will be notified by e-mail in June.


  1. Invitation from the host institution
  2. If the traveller is a PhD student, the application should contain a letter of recommendation from the supervisor including his CV and publication list.
  3. Information about how the trip will be financed, including information about salary during the stay
  4. List of ten representative publications from the host institution.


For questions regarding this call please e-mail: