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Karolinska Institutet is a partner of EIT Health which is a EU-funded, pan-European consortium of top universities, leading healthcare companies and public and private research centers. The main mission of EIT Health is to accelerate entrepreneurship and innovation in healthy living and active ageing by providing Europe’s top talents with new opportunities and resources, for the benefit of all citizens.

Demographic change is one of the main challenges European societies are facing today. The growth in the oldest segment of the population, and an increase in chronic diseases, is putting pressure on health and social care costs. EIT Health seeks to address three key challenges by working to:

  • Promote healthy living, by increasing awareness of good habits and encouraging changes in our behaviour.
  • Support active ageing, by developing tools to help all of us work more flexibly and live longer in our own homes.
  • Improve healthcare, through innovations that empower patients.
EIT Health focusses on providing funding to build on existing resources and developments and to use the funding as leverage to attract further investment. This existing funding can be from e.g. The Swedish Research Council, H2020 or other funders.


EIT Health's three programme areas are Innovation Projects to support new ideas, Campus for education and Accelerator for business development, which provide a broad range of activities that support healthcare innovation from the spark of an idea on to commercialisation.

Innovation projects

The EIT Health Innovation Projects programme provides comprehensive support for innovations that show the potential to have a positive impact on healthcare. The most promising ideas are developed into commercially viable products through a multi-disciplinary approach, involving business, medicine, IT and other fields of knowledge. The ideas chosen for support by the Innovation Projects pillar target the key societal challenges addressed by EIT Health: Supporting healthy living, active ageing and improvements in healthcare. 

Innovation Projects primarily focus on the four key work areas of EIT Health:

  • Integrated care for chronic diseases.
  • Home care and care at home.
  • Workplace intervention and occupational health.
  • Early intervention, prevention and altering disease course trajectories.

The innovations supported can be broken down into two categories:

  • Innovation by Ideas: New, solution-driven ideas that the creators believe will benefit society by improving healthcare.
  • Innovation by Design: Needs-driven projects that are created to address a recognised market need or societal problem, to deliver tangible results for citizens.

Campus activities – Education

EIT Health Campus, the education programme of EIT Health, provides up-to-date knowledge, skills and attitudes to help turn the brightest learners into healthcare leaders and entrepreneurs, who will shape the future of Europe’s health. Campus educational offerings are intended to increase industry knowledge and deliver novel skills, as we seek to inject an entrepreneurial approach into European healthcare education.

EIT Health Campus activities are divided into five different activity lines:

  • Strategic Initiatiatives of EIT Health Campus -  are designed to strengthen the ecosystem of knowledge and innovative thinking that is created by Campus and the other EIT Health activity pillars.
  • Training for students - activities aimed at providing training for students and post-doctoral researchers focus on stimulating learners to advance their knowledge, skills and attitudes in order to enhance their health-related innovation and entrepreneurial capabilities.
  • Training for Executives & Professionals - activities for executives address senior policy makers, decision makers working for payers and care givers, and civil servants of municipalities while the activities for professionals address formal and informal caregivers, industry, public bodies and NGO representatives
  • Training for Entrepreneurs and Innovators - endeavours to encourage a new mindset conducive to innovation, while providing basic skills that can lead to the founding of successful businesses or improvements in healthcare.
  • Training for Citizens and Digital - Training for citizens aims to empower learners to manage their own health by informing them of the available knowledge, approaches, tools and methods in health innovation while Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs), and other types of digital engagement, are rapidly changing educational offerings in the landscape of science communication, health promotion and health management. 

Accelerator – Business creation

EIT Health Accelerator is a business creation programme, set up to support the best and brightest health industry entrepreneurs. To tackle the future challenges of European healthcare, EIT Health Accelerator creates a favourable environment for innovation, providing skills and services to get promising business ideas into the market. The Accelerator pillar of EIT Health provides support to healthcare entrepreneurs at every stage of the process by three different activities

  • INCUBATE! - offers support for not-yet entrepreneurs or scientists wanting to develop startups. 
  • VALIDATE! - places emphasis on validating products and services. 
  • SCALE! -  focus on more mature startups and SMEs, to facilitate access to tools and networks for financing and market expansion.

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