Educational Congress 2018

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On the Horizon of Health Professions Education - March 15-16

Welcome to KI's Educational Congress where you can gain insights into new learning and inspiration through formal sessions: inspiring keynotes by international guests, workshops, and poster sessions. The Congress also provides outstanding opportunities for informal learning and networking.

This year’s congress has three tracks:

  • What is on the global agenda in health professions education research: Topics and controversies? Can anything be learned from this and applied at KI?
  • Internationalisation. What are the different aspects of internationalisation? How do we implement it? What impact could it possibly have on enhancing the learning experience at KI?
  • Learning through the experience and insights of other KI scholars experience and insights! Participate in our poster sessions where KI scholars learn through and with each other.
2018 Educational congress is organized and funded by the Board of Higher Education in collaboration with the Gunnar Höglund and Anna-Stina Malmborg Foundation and STINT.
Day One / Aula Medica Solna: The grand opening of the congress as well as keynotes from KIPRIME winner Brian D. Hodges and Betty Leask, Internationalisation of Curriculum. The program will include oral presentations from submitted abstracts as well as opportunites to network and discuss
Day Two: Workshops dedicated to Internationalization of Curriculum
Prize: The congress is free of charge for particiapants active within KI educations. Costs for extern participants are: 1st day: 900 SEK, 2 days 1500 SEK..

The Educational congress is for all learners and educators within Karolinska Institutet as well as other universities and colleges. We welcome participants interested in development and research within health professions education as well as internationalisation of higher education.

Links for registration and abstract submission will open shortly.

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Some of the action will be on social media, you are welcome to join us, just add the hashtag #KIEdCon.