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Karolinska Institutet has imposed a new process and a new IT-support for electronic purchases.

According to government regulation, Karolinska Institutet should state authority orders electronically. The aim is to reduce the authority's costs, streamline purchasing processes and improve the quality and contractual fidelity. This will lead to better control of our purchases more effective monitoring, which in turn provides the basis for better deals. It also means security for the purchaser when the authorisation takes place prior to purchase, which is also a requirement of the National Audit Office.

E-procurement means that the entire purchasing process (ordering, delivery, receipt of goods and invoicing) is done electronically. Information on prices and contracted products are readily available in the system.

The requisition creates a purchase order when approved before it is sent to the supplier. When the goods is delivered you make a goods reception in the system. The invoice is matched with your purchase order and registered goods reception. If the information is correct the invoice is paid automatically.

In cases where the order and invoice are not correct (amount or number), the invoice will be controlled centrally. This ensures accurate and agreed prices.

Focus areas 2017

Most of the purchases at KI still take place outside of E-procurement. Focus will therefore be on making sure that more purchases occur according to government regulation and to impose several functions that will aid electronic purchases. We will continue the work to affiliate new suppliers and extend our supply in e-procurement. This builds upon that we have a good and continuous contact with our framework suppliers

Manual UBW

Below are pictures of the login to UBW and brief instructions on how to manage your tasks.

1. This is the first screen you come to after you have logged in.

Manual UBW

2. The main menu is to the left as pictured below. You can navigate to e.g. procurement, forskarweb and reports. Click on e.g. procurement to get more choices.

Manual UBW

3. In the top menu bar, you can select e.g. favorites, alerts and collaboration

Manual UBW

4. It is also through the top menu bar you get to the tasks you have to manage. When you have tasks
to manage, you get a figure next to the check mark. Click the check mark to see the tasks and select
one of the tasks to proceed to manage them.

Manual UBW

5. This is the picture you will see when you are going to approve or escalate an invoice. Scroll down
the page to see more details.

Manual UBW

6. When you have scrolled down, you can manage the invoice as usual

Manual UBW

7. To log out of UBW, click on your KI-Id and log out

Manual UBW

Authorization for e-procurement

In order to be qualified to purchase in the e-procurement, the Head of Administration will have to send an authorisation form to ekonomisystem@ki.se.


For questions, turn to your Purchasing Coordinator at your department. You can also send an email to ekonomisystem@ki.se or inkopupphandling@ki.se.