Create a KI ELN account, add or remove users

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To log into KI ELN you need to be a user.

Users of the KI ELN belong to at least one research group and the login is linked to the user's KI-ID. The user accounts are administered by ELN support. If you do not have a KI-ID, you must first get one through the KIMKAT-administrator at your department. Your application for an account can be dealt with only after you have received your KI-ID. Everyone with a KI e-mail address, already has a KI-ID.

Start a new group

If the research group does not already exist in KI ELN, the new group is created in connection with applying for the KI ELN user accounts.

The research groups in KI ELN are named according this format "department + the research group leader's surname", for example MEB_Björkdahl.

Apply for KI ELN user accounts

Download the application form below and fill it in according to the attached instructions - the recommended browser is Internet Explorer or Safari, and use the PDF reader Abobe Reader XI. If you have problems opening the file, a solution may be to download it locally and then try to open it again.

It is important that the KI e-mail addresses are correct in order to facilitate the administration of the user accounts within the normal time of four (4) working days.

Undergraduate students can be included in a research group with a KI ELN  student login of their own. In order to get a student KI ELN account they need a KI student e-mail address. All KI ELN student accounts are time limited, therefore an end date as to be specified.

Add users

New users and superusers can be added by sending in a new application.

Remove users

Users that are no longer working in the research group are removed in two steps:

  1. The superuser remove the users from all the projects.
  2. The PI/group leader fills out and sign the application form to remove the user and send it to the email address stated on the form.

Application forms

There are different versions of the application for users with a KI-ID, the information is identical, but depending on your preferences you can chose the version that works best for you.

Electronic application with e-signature

Electronic application with manual signature

Manual application and signature

Users with KI student accounts require a special application form, where end dates are specified.

Application for students

When the application is completed and signed, it is sent to ELN support. They can also answer questions regarding the application.

ELN support