Career Focus Group


The Career Focus Group works to improve the recruitment procedure, career paths and career possibilities for Junior Faculty at KI.



  • We believe KI needs a clear and predictable career path at all levels
  • The recruitment of Junior Faculty should be transparent and based on external review. 
  • There should be a possibility for promotion to the next career stage, achieved after stringent peer-review. 
  • Junior Faculty at KI should have the opportunity to develop an independent line of research through targeted funding, mentoring and support directed towards this stage of the career


Ongoing/planned activities

Each year we organize an open hearing about the KI career positions, in 2017 it took place March 6th. We are organizing a half-day symposium “How are promotion and recruitment decisions taken at KI?”, planned for late autumn 2017. 


Coordinator name and contact information


Carolina Hagberg

Phone: +46-(0)8-524 825 75
Organizational unit: Integrated Cardio Metabolic Centre



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