Calls within Erasmus+ for projects within education

Erasmus+ supports international collaboration and exchange within education, training, youth and sport.

An application within the Erasmus+ calls listed below must be sent to the International Relations Office at KI ( for review at least 3 weeks before application deadline. It must also be accompanied by an application assurance form signed by the Department/s involved.


Depending on the call you apply for, the budget can include for example costs for travel, salaries, sustenance and project management. These costs are given as unit costs (lump sums) which are calculated automatically and the size of the sums depends on such things as country where activities take place and distance traveled.

The allocated sums should be seen as a contribution to the actual costs and are not expected to cover the full costs or overhead costs. Make sure you consult the programme guide 

Capacity building

Expected deadline Feb 2018

The aim is to support the modernisation, accessibility and internationalisation of higher education in the Partner Countries (certain countries outside the EU/EEA area) and promote cooperation between Programme Countries (EU/EEA) and eligible Partner Countries. At least three Programme Countries with minimum one HEI from each must be part of the project.

Information from the Swedish Council for Higher Education (in Swedish)

Strategic partnerships

Expected deadline March 2018

The aim is to support the development, transfer and/or implementation of innovative practices as well as the implementation of joint initiatives promoting cooperation, peer learning and exchanges of experience at European level. Strategic Partnerships should involve the most appropriate and diverse range of partners in order to benefit from their different experiences, profiles and specific expertise and to produce relevant and high quality project results. A Strategic Partnership is transnational and involves minimum three organisations from three different Programme Countries (EU/EEA).

Information from the Swedish Council for Higher Education (in Swedish)

Knowledge alliances

Expected deadline Feb 2018

The aim is to implement a set of interconnected activities which are flexible and adaptable to different current and future contexts and developments across Europe, for example boosting innovation in higher education, business and in the broader socio-economic environment, developing entrepreneurship mind-set and skills and stimulate the flow and exchange of knowledge between higher education and enterprises. Knowledge Alliances may organise mobility activities of students, researchers and staff in so far as they support/complement the other activities of the Alliance and bring added value in the realisation of the project's objectives. Knowledge Alliances are transnational and involve minimum six independent organisations from at least three Programme Countries, out of which at least two higher education institutions and at least two enterprises.

Information from the Swedish Council for Higher Education (in Swedish)