Mondays with Mary Rose - Transferable skills for late PhD students and postdocs

2017-11-0613:00 to 16:00 Gunnar Höglund, Berzelius väg 3, level 4Campus SolnaCareer Service

Convey Your Transferable Skills - Deep Dive

In this strategic work session, leading LinkedIn, networking and career expert Mary-Rose Hoja shows you how to market your competitive advantage before, during and after you meet your prospective employer and the people who influence them.   

We will go through how to approach this strategically as you transition out of your research project into your next career step. You will learn concrete tactics to make inroads to relevant companies and be present, relevant and build your reputation with the right people. All to make you the obvious choice.

Bring your laptop and get ready to be omnipresent and relevant for when you are needed by your ideal employer.

Pre-work assignment

To maximise our time, before the work session, write down or find out these things: 

1.who your ideal employers are

2.where they spend time (live events, networks, online groups)

3.what they are dealing with in their businesses/professional lives right now (new competitors, patents going out, funding issues, sales etc.). 

4.A “before your input” and “after your input” picture of your employer’s business/operations. What do they get? What is better/faster/cheaper?

Bring your ideas, questions, comments to the work session and we will go through them. Connect with Mary-Rose Hoja now at www.linkedin.com/in/maryrosehoja


This is the first session in a serie of three for late PhD-students and postdocs called Mondays with Mary Rose. Check out the others on Nov 13 and Nov 20.

Contact person: Kerstin Beckenius
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