MBSR Course

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2017-10-0316:30 BASE, Alfred Nobels allé 23Campus Flemingsberg

Information meeting - mandatory for attending the course. Register for the meeting by sending a mail to Maria Niemi.

The course runs on 8 Tuesdays at 4 PM - 6.16 PM, starting October 10th

Course information

We all long for good health and well-being, but we may get stuck thinking that everything will be better once I have finished this project, once I have been promoted, when I sleep better, when the children grow up. However, we also know that there are no short-cuts. It is only once you have the ability to take care of yourself, that you will have energy to be there for others and to realise your full potential in your daily life. Also, you will be better equipped for changing circumstances.
MBSR is a synthesis of medical science and ancient meditative practices with roots in Buddhism and the Vedic traditions. The benefits can be:

• Increased awareness and focus/concentration
• Ability to better handle difficulty and adversity
• Better self-care
• Increased well-being

Contact person: Maria Niemi

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