Introductory course public procurement step 1

Denna sida på svenska
2017-09-2813:00 to 16:00 Class will be held at the Campus where the majority of the participants are locatedOther

Step 1 will cover:

  • Introduction to Public Procurement Act
  • Direct awards 1
  • The procurement Process
  • Frame agreement 1
  • Environment and sustainability 1
  • E-Purchasing
  • Information from the unit of archive and registry

Participants gain a more general understanding of procurement and purchase. The aim of this course is to give an introductory basis to the procurement rules and regulations as well as the processes at KI. Focusing on why issues and concern of environment and sustainability is part of the KI procurement process. 

The course is beeing held in Swedish! Please register by sending an e-mail to Nils Emlund at nils.emlund@ki.se.

Contact person: Nils Emlund