Board members - Board of Doctoral Education

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Members for the period 2015-2017


Marianne Schultzberg
Professor, Dean of Doctoral Education and Chair

Lennart Nilsson
Professor, Pro-Dean and Vice Chair

Faculty representatives

Maria Ankarcrona
Senior lecturer

Michael Fored
Senior lecturer

Marie Hasselberg
Senior lecturer

Lars Holmgren

Catharina Larsson

Gilberto Fisone

Doctoral students representatives

Eva Hesselmark
Iuliia Savchuk
Leif Karlsson
Susanne Neumann

Co-opted members

Sarah Holst, Junior Faculty
Louise Sjöholm, adjungerad Junior Faculty
Gunnar Nilsson, US
Vacant, FS

Union representatives

Nasrin Bavand-Chobot (OFR)
Biborka Bereczky Veress (SACO)
Vacant (SEKO)


Reet Joandi, Head of Office, Faculty Office and International Relations
Christopher Sönnerbrandt, Head of unit, Studieadministrativa enheten, Education Support Office
Henrik Lundström, Controller
Clara Ersson, Coordinator for the Board of Doctoral Education
Sara Elg, Doctoral Students' Ombudsman, MF
Sabina Bossi, Communications and Public Relations Office
Robert Harris, Central Director of Doctoral Studies
Ingeborg van der Ploeg, Central Director of Doctoral Studies

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